Erikson entertains at Redstone Recital Hall

On Friday evening February 5, Tim Ericksen, best classified as a folksinger, appeared at the Redstone Recital Hall under the auspices of The Lane Series. The evening moved to folk song repertoire creating a different evening of folk music to hear Eriksen's open-sounding, almost vibratoless voice sing ballads, often unaccompanied.

He also plays a number of stringed instruments -- guitars and banjos primarily, no matter where they were built or made. He has an easy manner about him on the stage, whether singing or talking about his life as a professional musician. He noted that it was important to him to spend part of the pre-concert lecture -- indeed, the larger part -- in talking about shape note singing, and closing his pre-concert talk with a four-part hymn from Southern Harmony. It has been for the last hundred plus years the Bible of the early American hymnology, and the excellence of the sound, especially when the figures face one another in a four-sided square. A person could get quite a buzz on -- a holy one, of course -- and be carried away into the heavens on the wings of the songs.

There is not a great deal more to be said, since Eriksen is rather an uncomplicated performer, and the only surprises, if there were any at all, had to do with his several times exhibiting a wide think of as Tuva Throat-singing, where one person, through the use of overtones, can produce deadly triad of sound.

One last comment: he was extremely generous with the time devoted to performing, which was nice, even though it meant that a few people that Friday before the concert was over.


The Vermont Youth Orchestra Association has appointed a new music director to follow where Troy Peters had cleared a great deal of rash out of the musical trail. The gentleman's name is Ronald Braunstein, a New Yorker who has most recently served as music director of the Mannes Philharmonia at the Mannes School of Music. Earlier in his career, he served as the music director of the Juilliard School of Music pre-college orchestra for seven years.

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