Um, uh, um

That is, folks expecting more from our president. Maybe folks shouldn't expect more from Barack, or should I say maybe folks, not just from Barack but from every politician, shouldn't believe so much of the campaign B.S.

I don't expect much from the Obamas politically-I don't expect much from anyone politicallybut I do expect that politicians spew fewer ums and uhs when they speak on the air. Because when they um and uh constantly, even if what they're saying is true, I don't get the sense that they're fully engaged.

I don't know for sure, but I may be the only person bothered by constant sporadic umming and uhhing. I've never heard anyone else say it bothers them. Does it bother you? Maybe you don't even notice Barack and Michelle umming and uhhing-but I bet you noticed when George W. Bush said something stupid.

Maybe it's that thing where if you find someone unlikable, like George Bush, it's easy to recognize their weaknesses and then use that recognition to dislike them more. But if you like someone, like Barack Obama, you're easily able to overlook weaknesses you might notice in them and keep liking them the same or even more.

We humans are a curious lot ,eh? We'll be critical only when it's convenient for, and consistent with our feelings for the things we sit it judgment of-which is of course, all things.

Take my mom's feelings for me, for example. I think I could murder my butcher and my mother would say, "Well, that man did sell my son a bad piece of meat." We like what we like for a number of reasons, but mostly we like what we like because we like it.

I like Michelle Obama, so maybe I was all hedd up last night because I was listening to her on the radio and not seeing her, and that's why the ums and uhs stuck out. But I don't think so. I think putting the two together, seeing her um and ah while hearing her um and ah, would have only amplified the distraction for me.

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