Gardening Classes Show Growing Your Own Food is a Popular Passion

Anyone interested in having this series in their community should contact me at 869-2141 or info@postoilsolutions.org

Also, any comments you may have from your own point of view about these workshops, things that you feel may be of interest to people. The workshops are a key part of Post Oil's emphasis upon becoming a region that can increasingly feed ourselves in a post oil age.

That is the vision of Regional Food Sustainability Campaign, of which the workshops are a part. With the workshops, we are trying to restore the skills and knowledge that our grandparents took for granted, out of necessity, because they didn't have a Price Chopper or McDonalds to take care of their daily diet.

Since we are presently so heavily dependent upon an imported, industrial diet (Vermont imports 95 percent of its food, though we are #1 in direct farm sales in the nation), that is totally based upon petroleum from field to plate (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, machinery, processing, packaging, refrigeration, transportation, etc.), we must begin to assume greater responsibility for feeding ourselves as the world's oil supply peaks and begins to decline, causing petroleum to become much more difficult and expensive to extract.

We need to do a whole variety of things that extend the season (that's why we teach people about cold frames and are beginning a Neighborhood Greenhouse Project in Putney with the Putney Transition Town folks), and to store and preserve food (hence, root cellars, canning, drying) so that we can eat local food in March as well as August.

That's also why we do our annual No Gardener Left Behind Campaign which is designed to encourage everyone to have a garden (much like the Victory Gardens in WWII), and where ever possible to be doing this collaboratively, as neighborhood and community gardens

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