This week, the NCSPCA would like to address a problem sometimes faced by both dog and cat owners, though for different reasons - when your previously housebroken pet suddenly forgets that he is either to use the litter pan/potty mat or wait to "do his business" until he is outside of the house.

Cats are generally fastidious creatures who are quick to react when the litter pan isn't up to their standards. Your cat's litter pan should be cleaned daily - at least scooped if not changed. A litter pan smelling strongly of urine is a major deterrant to your feline using his potty. When washing the litter pan, use a little lemon juice or vinegar in the water to neutralize urine odors. Do not use ammonia - this will only enhance the unpleasant smell! In addition, cats respond to stress caused by major changes in their environment - take this into account when considering the situation. Your pet may need some time to adjust to things such as new pets or people in the home.

Dogs are instinctively clean animals who quickly learn what kind of surfaces are acceptable bathroom sites. The most likely reason for accidents is if your pet is kept inside too long without the chance to go outside and relieve himself. Another common source of problems is if your dog drinks too much water during the day, which can cause him to urinate more often. If this occurs, limit daytime water. It's also helpful to keep some toys around so your pet does not become bored when you are away from home.

Our featured pet this week is Willie, a Beagle/Basset Hound-mix who is a glutton for attention. He shows his happiness by thunderously wagging his tail. He is a perfect gentleman, who loves most anyone who shows him some love. Willie is ready to move into your heart - and onto your couch where he can enjoy the finer things in life. Willie is a little unsure when being introduced to other dogs, but has a great personality when interacting with adults and children. If you come to the NCSPCA to meet Willie, he will surely win over your heart!

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