Supreme Court ruling cause for concern or celebration?

Not everyone agrees that unrestricted corporate spending will harm our political process. Corporations have been hedging their political bets by giving money to both parties and I would expect that practice to continue. Some believe that the ruling will be good for the political process. Corporations won't have to go through a political action committee to support a candidate so there will be greater transparency. We will know what corporation paid what to whom.

Some believe the ruling will have a powerful effect on incumbents. Incumbents enjoy an advantage already in most campaigns; corporations may give them whatever they want to create policies favorable to that corporation. At the same time, high profile incumbents may become targets of corporations that do not like the political positions taken by the incumbent. A group of corporations could join together to destroy almost anyone that opposed their collective view.

I believe that American voters will elect whom they please, corporate funding be damned. President Obama is a perfect example. Five years ago, would any of the pundits have chosen him as the next President? I don't know if the Supreme Court ruling will make our political process better or worse. On the surface it looks like one more reason for American voters to become even more cynical and possibly angrier at national politicians. Let's hope that Mickey Mouse doesn't decide to run for President in the next election. What do I know about politics anyway? Remember, all kids count.

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