A highway to heaven

I'm amazed how well the roads are maintained here in Vermont-I'm serious. I say I'm serious cause I know lots of folks that think the direct opposite. Those folks might be surprised to know how much work the state puts into keeping us safe.

That night, tons of salt had been spread over the roads including right over the accident site, and just before the crash, leaving the road a reported "wet" not slick. Temperatures fluctuate in an instant, but records show the crash area at the time was above freezing, while surrounding areas were in the more acutely dangerous temperature zone. I read that certain trouble areas have sensors that report electronically back to a hub where 24-hour on-duty professionals decide on the best ways to attack and cure dangerous conditions. Vermont road crews are diligent and they work tirelessly. Taking into account Mother Nature as their opponent, they do a fantastic job.

The day after the crash the local T.V. news crew produced a story about a gal who'd been off the road at the same spot a year before. The talking head said "she relived her accident after driving past the recent crash site." The story centered around an idea of reshaping the road in the hope of eliminating future mishaps. A state police trooper also interviewed stated the locale is a "perfect storm" of bad personality regarding drivability. It has an incline, a curve, and rock ledges-plus it's just before a bridge. A nasty spot, no doubt.

I wondered if the news story was for the sake of needing a story line or if there was any chance the road would be changed to improve safety?

I've driven over the danger spot hundreds, if not thousands, of times over several decades. Everyday, for a year, my nearly 80-year-old mother drove through that exact spot on her way to visit my dad in the nursing home. A women I know shared with me her story of having driven, for 25 years, to work over that same deadly spot. She navigates 50 miles of Interstate highway five days a week. None of us have gone off the interstate-yet.

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