Playgroups & the Parent Child Center

Playgroups help families with young children fight isolation. The groups provide an opportunity for kids to learn to play together, while parents relax and talk with other adults sharing similar experiences.

"We love to talk to each other- adults who are going through the same stuff. In the winter we just get so isolated," shared Ramlah Lauritsen, Breastfeeding Support Group facilitator at the Springfield Area Parent Child Center and mother of two.

"Families feel completely comfortable" Lauritsen said. "At playgroup adults can be adults while kids are busy being kids. Playgroup spaces in and of themselves send a welcoming vibe to visiting families- doors are closed, toys are in abundance and everybody visiting has young children.

"It's so exciting, but challenging having a new baby and trying to keep a grip on everything. To fight isolation with a new baby, parents need to get out and talk," said Lauritsen. "It's always fun when someone new comes to playgroup, because we can just absorb them into the group.

"It's important to remember that life with a newborn is not your whole life, it's just how your life is right now."

Playgroups are traditionally open to all families with children ages birth to five. Breastfeeding Support Group is held at the Parent Child Center on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. For a full list of area playgroups visit www.sapcc-vt.org.

"I love going to Ramlah's house," said a youngster leaving playgroup at the PCC.

The Parent Child Center is a free and elective community resource building strong communities, one family at a time. The Center offers services to educate and support young children and their families.

To learn more about playgroups and the services offered by the SAPCC visit www.sapcc-vt.org.

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