Westport 2/6

I paid a long overdue visit to Westport Central School last week, figuring it was high time I gave some space to the phenomenal season that the boys and girls are both having on the basketball court. The girls clinched their Division II title so long ago it must seem like a hazy memory by now.

I asked Coach Rascoe about it, and he passed the question on to his daughter Molly, who's on the team. "Hey, when did you guys clinch the title? Was it against Chazy?" Molly didn't miss a beat: "The first game!" she burst out, laughing. It's been that kind of year. The boys, also undefeated, have a little further to go, depending on the outcome of their game against Indian Lake, which hasn't happened as I write this, but will have by the time you read it. Whatever that result, both teams and their coaches deserve a big round of applause for turning in so many stellar performances this year.

Coach Rascoe and Molly also wanted me to pass on their thanks to everyone who's helped collect tabs in the "Pull Tabs for Molly" campaign, which netted 48 pounds of tabs. The campaign was mounted to help pay for medical treatment for Molly, who was stricken with a rare autoimmune disease called Wegener's granulomatosis last year, which caused kidney failure among other problems.

So Molly has had to go to Burlington for dialysis three times a week since last July. As you can tell, it doesn't seem to have dampened her spirits. She's doing really well and she looks great. At the end of March, the doctors will decide if she's in remission. If she makes it through six months in remission, which takes her to the end of September, she'll be eligible for a kidney transplant. We'll all be keeping her in our thoughts, I'm sure.

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