Stormwater plan being developed by LGA for Putnam

PUTNAM - The Lake George Association has announced a new planning project for the town of Putnam.

The LGA has just signed an agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers to move forward with a stormwater planning project. The project will evaluate the current stormwater infrastructure in Putnam within the Lake George Watershed.

"We're looking at culverts, streams, roadside ditches, trenches and direct flows from the road," according to Randy Rath, LGA project manager. "Some of the existing infrastructure is just not adequate to handle the sediment and nutrient loading into the lake."

The project will look at the Putnam lakefront communities of Gull Bay, Glenburnie and Black Point Road.

"Stormwater runoff has been identified as the primary source of nutrient, bacterial contaminant and pollutant loading to Lake George in several studies," according to the workplan of the USACOE Project Agreement. Surface runoff contributes 83 percent of the phosphorous loading to the lake. Stormwater collection is mostly directed into the lake and not contained or slowed by any method. The project locations include areas of steep terrain, narrow road crossings, almost no road shoulders, and clay soils, all of which present challenges to managing stormwater runoff.

"The project will start with documenting the existing stormwater infrastructure followed by a limited hydrologic analysis on the identified sites that need improvement," Rath said. "The identified stormwater sites will be prioritized and recommendations will be made. There is concern about the beaver dam that is located in the Glenburnie area and it will receive a full evaluation for a catastrophic dam failure. The analysis will provide any associated impacts for that scenario."

The project is part of the USACOE Planning Assistance for States Program and is a 50/50 match program. The USACOE is providing $65,000 for this project.

"The LGA is contributing the cash match of $30,000 toward the project and will be adding, along with the town of Putnam, $35,000 in in-kind services to complete the local match for the planning grant," according to LGA Executive Director Walt Lender of Ticonderoga. "We feel that there are many opportunities to improve the stormwater infrastructure along the lake in Putnam and other communities.

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