Negative impact of sugar-sweetened beverages

Since children and adolescents are consuming more sugar-sweetened beverages, or SSBs, we have seen an increase in childhood obesity. Adolescents are consuming, on average, 300 calories per day through sweetened drinks, which is 13 percent of their daily caloric intake. Take a look at some facts associated with sugar.

SSB consumption reduces intake of important nutrients by replacing milk consumption and is associated with lower bone mineral density and an increase risk of bone fractures.

SSBs often contain high levels of caffeine, which can cause health problems including anxiety, withdrawal and poor quality of sleep.

Consumption of SSB has been linked to tooth decay.

Consumption of SSBs has been known to induce hunger, which leads to the consumption of other foods.

Because the consumption of SSBs is linked to weight gain and obesity, it has also been linked to higher rates of adults having type II diabetes.

If your children are thirsty, give them water. Substituting water for SSBs could reduce excess consumption of calories and improve nutrition.

When consuming SSBs, moderation is the key.

Editor's note: Information was provided by the Clinton County Health Department's Nutrition Services Unit. The facts were taken from an article distributed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For more information on SSB, visit www.healthyeatingresearch.org.

What are SSBs?

Sugar-sweetened beverages include all sodas, fruit drinks, sport drinks, low-calorie drinks, and other beverages that contain added caloric sweeteners such as sweetened tea, rice drinks, bean beverages, sugar cane beverages, and nonalcoholic wines/malt beverages.

Sport drinks include all beverages marketed for rehydrating for athletes.

Fruit drinks include all fruit drinks, fruit juices and fruit nectars with added sugar.

Sodas include all carbonated beverages with added sugar.

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