My journey to the half-marathon

(Editors Note: Martha Breyette of Saranac is on a 14-week goal to get in shape to compete in the inaugural City of Plattsburgh Half Marathon, Sunday, April 18. Breyette will share her trials and tribulations in this newspaper through a weekly journal entry.)

Week Three

Week 3 was a learning week for me ... First, I ran 4.5 miles, so, that was really exciting. I am seeing definite improvement in my confidence. I have had so much support and encouragement from my family, friends, and co-workers. It is amazing! My mom has been calling me every day to see how I am doing and let me know she is always in my corner.

I am starting to see some physical changes as I continue to lose a couple of pounds each week. I did have a couple of obstacles this week. First, I don't think I was eating quite enough carbohydrates as I was feeling pretty sluggish a couple of days. So, Mary, my coach, helped show me some "good carbohydrate" options that I like to eat. Secondly, I started getting light-headed and dizzy. Come to find out, I think I was drinking too much water - if you can believe it. I always thought water was good, but too much of anything has an effect. My problem was I was drinking plenty of water but on top of it I was drinking a sizable amount of Gatorade as well and not counting this in my daily intake of fluids. Now that I have changed these practices, I am feeling much better and stronger.

I have another big goal this weekend - I am supposed to run 5 miles, so, let's see how I get through that.

For those of you still wondering if you can change your lifestyle, I would say pick one thing - be it diet, exercise or whatever - and stick to it. Make yourself a priority and you will feel rewarded for it in the end.

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