Could the fat police be looking for me?

Ostensibly, the bill prohibits certain restaurants from serving obese patrons. Patrons would step on a scale as they entered the restaurant and if their BMI registered in excess of 30, they could not be served. When Rep. Mayhall was questioned about the bill he revealed that he knew that the bill would not pass and, it did not. Mahall and his supporters wanted to create some energy around the obesity issue so that people would understand just how serious the problem has become. The bill was rightfully defeated and we still have the right to make ourselves ill or dead by smoking, abusing alcohol, abusing illicit and or prescription drugs and yes, by eating ourselves sick or dead. For my part, I have initiated an exercise program and have also endeavored to reduce my caloric intake.

On some level, losing weight is simple, burn more calories than you take in. I am about to test that hypothesis. If you have discovered a weight loss approach that works, I would appreciate hearing from you. I may not have much time left. It may only be a matter of time before the fat police come for me and as I sit now, I am guilty as charged. Remember, all kids count.

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