Branch, Rabideau to square off in mayor race

And for local resident Bob Brown, kicking smokers out of village parks is an encroachment on civil liberties.

"It sounds to me that I couldn't even walk along this sidewalk here because I'd be within five feet of that park," Brown said. "I spent 12 years building the River Walk, and when I built it I expected it would be for all citizens. I think it's a discriminating thing and I'm having trouble with your candidacy."

But Branch said that although he introduced the legislation, he hadn't had a chance to review the proposal until Monday night.

"My only interest was moving smokers away from the places where kids play," Branch said. "I had no hand in the bill that was tabled by the board last night."

The smoking ban will be up for public hearing Feb. 8.

Branch, Pelletieri, Glover and McLaughlin will also appear on the Conservative Party line.

Just a block away at the Harrietstown Town Hall, Rabideau was the easy choice for mayor. Tom Michael, who currently holds the post, has said in recent weeks that if it's the Democratic Party's wish to nominate Rabideau, he'll step aside.

"As I've said before, if the committee chooses Clyde, I will support him 100 percent," Michael said following the recent caucus. "He understands that our issues go beyond the village limits. He understands our issues need to be addressed on a broader scope."

Rabideau was formerly mayor of Plattsburgh and now lives in Saranac Lake.

A former Saranac mayor, Tom Catillaz, and a current trustee, Susan Waters, will run for the two open trustee seats.

Jon Vinograd was nominated to run for the two-year justice seat; Paul Hermann is signed up to run for the four-year justice seat.

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