New concert venue to benefit all ages

PLATTSBURGH - Since the closing of Coffee Camp in November, there has yet to be another all ages venue to allow "extreme music." Until now.

Matt Hall, Webmaster of DIY Plattsburgh, has been wanting an all ages show to come back to Plattsburgh and has finally found a way of doing so.

Hall said he was contacted by Matt Spiegel from Olive Ridley's after Spiegel read the article "Web site aimed to build community, local arts scene," in the Oct. 30 edition of the 'burgh.

"There was a callout [in the article] for anyone who wanted to donate a space and Brian and Matt over at Olive Ridley's saw that and they were very interested in working with me, so they offered up a space," explained Hall.

On Jan. 8, at 8 p.m., the first all ages concert will be held at the former Backstreet, 30 Marion Place, in the basement below Olive Ridley's.

"Most of the local bands in the area play some kind of metal and there's just no venue for them, besides Castaways or ... Therapy, but those are all 18 and over," said Hall.

However, the first concert will feature the bands Kids, Lie Captive, Irradiated Beef, and Long Cat - all with a hardcore sound.

Hall said he wanted an all ages venue to help the empowerment of youth.

"I just feel that it is really powerful when you're empowering youth and showing them they can do things they want to do without compromising their beliefs and themselves," he said.

However, Hall said he also understands there may be some leery parents who may not want their children to be a part of that environment.

"There's a lot of stigma about more aggressive forms of music and the kind of behavior that goes on at those kinds of shows," he explained, adding he has dealt with a lot of violent bands in the past. "But, it's easy to point out who those bands are and to avoid working with them."

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