Murphy reflects on tenure in Congress

"It was a very, very active time in terms of things Congress was addressing," he said. "Also, coming in during the middle of a session and being their for a year-and-a-half, there were a lot of things to get going - nobody had been representing the district for many months when I came on board and so we had a lot of constituent service work to catch up on."

Murphy added legislators were dealing with a lot of pressing, vital issues.

"We were trying to deal with financial regulation reform and how to protect Main Street from living through another financial crisis where we had hard-working Americans bailing out our large financial institutions. It's something we can't ever allow to have happen again. I think we did a lot of work that will help make sure that doesn't happen again. It was great to be involved with it."

Murphy said he is proud of his support for President Obama's health care reform legislation, saying the bill provides more Americans with affordable access to health care.

He called the controversial bill - which Gibson has promised to try and repeal - a big step forward for the country.

Murphy congratulated Democrats and Republicans for working together earlier in December to pass tax cuts for all Americans.

"It was great to be a part of the bipartisan effort to pass tax cuts for all Americans and make sure that people are able to continue to have the money they need to live their lives and hopefully keep this economy moving," he said. "That was a big step with Democrats and Republicans coming together and it was something I found heartening having one big piece of legislation in my time with broad bipartisan support. I thought President Obama did a good job of leading and it was a good solution."

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