100 Years Ago - January, 1911

Two of America's foremost aviators were dashed to death in attempts to win the Michelin trophy and $4,000 for the longest flight, a contest that takes place every year.

John B. Moisant was killed at New Orleans in a fall of 100 feet. He was thrown from his Bleriot monoplane and landed on his head 36 feet from where the machine struck the ground. His neck was broken by the fall and he died within seconds.

Arch Hoxsey, holder of the world's altitude record, was killed while making a spiral dip at the Dominquez field near Los Angeles. He fell 530 feet. Hoxsey was caught beneath the heavy motor of his machine and, his head and breast were crushed.

Both aviators were known as the most daring fliers in the world and each had won prizes for distance and endurance flights. In an interview, the Wright brothers, pioneer aviators from Dayton, Ohio who were the first to fly a heavier-than-air machine in 1903 in North Carolina, said that they believe that these accidents were caused by carelessness and that extreme caution is needed by aviators to decrease the number of accidents.

Fire sweeps area town

One of the worst conflagrations in the history of Washington County occurred Monday night, Jan. 2, 1911 in Granville. Lost were twelve buildings burned and 20 families homeless on Main St. 200 feet west of the Mettowee River on both sides of the street. The fire broke out at midnight and was under control at 3 A.M. The main residential section was saved only by a sudden shift in the wind.

Peculiar accident follows sleigh ride

Mrs. John G. Taylor, the former Miss Emma Louise Reoux of Warrensburgh, was in critical condition brought about by internal injuries as a result of a peculiar accident following a sleigh ride. With a party of friends, staying at the Ingle Lodge at Lake George, she was returning from Glens Falls late at night in a sleigh which crossed the Hudson Valley tracks at Gage Hill near a place known as Bloody Pond Crossing when the whiffletree broke and the team was stopped while the driver repaired the damage to the straps so as to continue the trip home.

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