One week left to the entire year; sounds so clich but where does the time go? I want to thank everyone who has been so kind to drop me an email concerning my column or stopping me during my travels to comment on my work. I truly appreciate it and am having a lot of fun doing this.

I seem to have struck a very positive chord with my desire from the bridges to research into the history of our community. As a teacher, my school year is packed and busy, but I am very free during the summer to pursue my writing. By all means please contact me with any stories, tidbits or contacts for me to follow up on this venture. I would like to collect up all the information this winter and spring and start assembling pieces during the summer.

So for the first time in seven years Christmas falls on a Saturday which affects a lot of business as well as churches. Most if not all of the churches are not going to have anticipated Masses this Saturday. So for those being technical about things, the faithful need to go to Church twice this weekend - once for the Christmas Mass and then once on Sunday only this week for the regular weekly Mass. The history nut in me is going off again. I wonder exactly when the concept of anticipated Masses started? Growing up I was brought up that Sunday was the day for Church and the idea of going the afternoon before was very alien to me. I believe that the practice has been within the last fifty or so years which brings to mind Vatican II. Another thing for me to spend some time researching! Make sure to check online or call ahead as this is the week when schedules might be different from the norm.

In any case I wish everyone a blessed Holiday regardless of faith practice and a wish that we all bring more peace to this planet that we call our home. Stay safe and happy!

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