Former Chazy resident promoted in U.S. Army

Brendler explained Brigadier General is an executive level in the Army.

"The Army considers Colonel's to be senior officers," he said. "But, numerically, it's a much smaller population that gets promoted to Brigadier General."

"It's a recognition based on the service that you've rendered so far for the potential for increase of responsibility," Brendler added.

Brendler considered the promotion ceremony a humbling experience, but felt the ceremony was truly for his family.

"The reality is that the real beneficiaries of the ceremony are the immediate family members of the officer being promoted," he explained. "As an institution, we really want to reinforce for the audience as strongly as for the immediate family, that we really appreciate everything that our families do."

During his remarks, Brendler thanked his parents for all his life's achievements.

"It's been possible because of the values and character they were able to instill in me as a child," he said. "But, this is something which I really firmly believe extends to the entire community that I grew up in the small town of Chazy, New York. It was a fantastic place to grow up as a kid. You have role models of all sorts."

Some of those Brendler considered role models were those people who still work the small family farms with strong work ethics. He added he is also impressed by the people at CCRS for their values.

"The children of some of my teachers are now teaching at the same school," he said. "The children of some of the guys that I played soccer with are on the team now. It's a great community. I think it had a great deal to do with whatever successes I've been able to achieve."

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