The true story Of Operation Snowbird

I know that you will do a great job at being a foster. Donner himself picked the pup for you and, of course, it is a boy because I know Pumpkin prefers males. Donner decided to name him after himself because he knows that he is your favorite reindeer. Comet is hurt by this as he knows you find his sense of humor funny in the movies. Feel free to change his name when you get him home to help him appeal to a person looking to adopt. Remember this is a puppy. You will need to work on everything from leash training, teething, to housebreaking. Make sure you re-read your dog training book. The better the job you do at this training will help Donner the pup get adopted more quickly and you will be able to foster again. Remember change begins with you!

Keep up the great work and don't forget to study your spelling words!

Love, Santa

P.S. Try to be nicer to your brother and he will be nicer to you!"

As it turned out, Jamie and her family actually adopted Donner. Please note the family has chosen to remain anonymous.

For further information, contact Cindy Thrasher and Brigette Ritchie in Columbia, Kentucky, at 270-459-2969 at Golden Huggs Rescue or www.goldenhuggs.org, Shelly Bookwalter at Last Chance Highway www.animal.discovery.com/tv/last-chance-highway, or Dianna Moore at dmoore2003@bellshouth.net

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