The true story Of Operation Snowbird

Operation Snowbird is a true story that started with a local letter to Santa from an elementary school student by the name of Jamie. She had asked Santa to save all the dogs in the south, many of which are saved from euthanasia. Jamie's wish has partially come true, but you can help also. Please contact the below-mentioned people and help save a dog-make it an extra special Christmas for the dogs that need you! Believe it or not some dogs' lives have been spared with only 15 minutes remaining.

Santa actually wrote the following letter to Jamie:

"I heard your request to save dogs from the south, and I have to say this is the second time you have given me a hard request to fill...remember when you asked me to stop countries from illegally whaling? Well, I don't know if you remember what I said then but the same applies here...change begins with you and one whale at a time and in this case one dog at a time. I have watched you make flyers about dogs and hang them around, I have heard you tell people about the sad treatment of dogs in the south, seen your commercial and how you have encouraged your classmates and teacher to make a difference. With this in mind, I have decided that for Christmas you will be a foster for my rescue...bet you didn't know that I run a rescue myself. I have many people who help me and while I know they are elves they do not have pointed ears. I know you would like to know who some of them are; and since you passed elf clearance, I am able to share this information but don't tell anyone else...I don't want their cover to be blown. You see the people who run the Pet transport work for me, Shelly from Double Dog Rescue, Dianna Moore from Paws of Marion, Cindy Thrasher and Brigette Ritchie from Golden Huggs and many more.

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