Violent assault leads to awareness event Dec. 30

"We didn't want to just have it be a benefit or fundraiser," Hall said. "I also want to create a public forum where people can come and talk about their experiences and situations like this."

"More of my female friends on campus have been raped than have not been raped," he added. "It's just disgusting."

The event, which Hall hopes will bring people out to open up and share their stories with others, will also feature music by For the Kid in the Back, and Team Grease.

"I want people to be able to come and share things, but I also want to have a nice, fun, relaxing event," he said.

Hall said he's also hoping those who have never been affected by some form of assault will also attend this event.

"I just want community members to come and talk about these things because I feel the only way that anyone can fearlessly come out and speak about them is if they have the support of the community."

Rigsbee said he's still dealing with his assault on a daily basis.

"I had to take two weeks out of work," he said. "[Darcel] had to leave school for a couple days because she couldn't be around guys that fit the profile. It's still pretty hard."

"I'm happy that [Matt's] bringing the awareness in the community, because I was unaware," Rigsbee added of Hall's event. "I didn't know that I needed to protect myself in any form. I'm now carrying mace. I never thought I would have to do that. Now, I realize what the world is and I have to prepare differently for it."

Both Rigsbee and Hall agreed those people who may not want to come out and share their story should still speak to someone about what they may have gone through.

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