Students getting hands-on look at world of journalism

Sophomore Erika Diskin, who serves as general editor for The Pride, said the class had been an eye-opener for her, providing a good first look at the career field into which she one day hopes to go.

"I really want to be a writer, hopefully for a magazine or a newspaper," said Diskin. "And, I think the thing that's been helpful to me most is how to write news ledes because the ledes are what hook the reader. Knowing things like that help because if I do get a job in journalism, I won't go into it not knowing what to do. I'll have some experience."

"I came into the class not really knowing much about journalism and just started to really get into it in the first week," said sophomore Noah Phillips, the paper's associate editor. "I just like the challenges of making the school newspaper. Everyone works well together and we're pretty happy doing it."

Though Diskin's and Phillips' passions lie with writing and editing, other students like sophomore Claira Knighton have found their interest to be in the actual production of the paper.

"I love making layouts. I'm an addict with graphic design," said Knighton. "Anything that has to do with Photoshop or drawing or painting - stuff like that - is just my thing."

Though Knighton admitted she wasn't giving a career in journalism a serious thought before taking Miller's class, she said she'll now be taking it into consideration when applying for college in a couple years.

"It's got me thinking," she said.

Sophomore Brianna Pena said the class has also increased her interest in pursuing journalism after high school.

"Now, I know what to expect when I go to college and I'll at least have something under my belt when I decide to go into journalism in the future," she said. adding she's enjoyed interviewing people most of all. "I'm actually talking to people I might never have talked to before and it's because of journalism."

(Editor's Note: The Pride may be viewed on-line by visiting www.perucsd.org, following the link to the Peru High School page and clicking on the corresponding link for the on-line newsletter.)

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