Rutland Welcomes Dr. Jared Galster, D.C.

RUTLAND - Dr. Jared Galster is the newest chiropractor to the Rutland community. His knowledge and skill bring an exciting new energy to maintaining health and wellness through chiropractic care. When asked about his move to Rutland, Dr. Galster stated that it was his love for nature and the outdoors that lead him to seek a career in Vermont. Dr. Galster is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys many outdoor activities, such as hiking, hunting, skiing, snowshoeing and boating.

Dr. Galster will be joining Dr. Dean Harrison at Lifesource Chiropractic located on 231 South Main Street. Graduating with honors from New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Galster hopes to bring the Rutland community chiropractic services that compliment the most recent clinical and scientific research. His care focuses on total body health and wellness. Dr. Galster provides services that can assist anyone in reaching their health goals, through the use of spinal adjustments to maintain proper joint mobility and posture as well as correct spinal misalignments. Dr. Galster also provides nutritional advice, along with exercise and fitness coaching.

Dr. Galster obtained his bachelors degree from Rutgers University in Exercise Science. He utilizes his knowledge of exercise not only in his own life but also with his patients at Lifesource Chiropractic.

If you suffer from headaches, neck pain, low back pain or any other general aches and pains, Dr. Galster can assist you. Often these pains are due to chronic stresses as a result of improper posture or repetitive movements performed during occupational or daily activities. Dr. Galster will work with you to identify the cause of your pain and develop treatment plans customized to you and your complaint. These treatment plans are designed to not only remove your pain but also improve your overall quality of life.

Patients can expect to receive top-notch chiropractic care that encompasses all aspects of health, including exercise, nutrition and advice about proper posture. Lifesource Chiropractic is equipped with an X-ray machine, foot orthotic assessment tools, exercise and physical therapy equipment, therapeutic ultrasound and electrical stimulation as well as chiropractic traction tables. All these tools help identify the most appropriate form of care for a patient's symptoms. If your symptoms would be more appropriately addressed by another healthcare professional, Dr. Galster will identify this and refer you to the most appropriate person to address your issues in the most effective way possible.

If you have any questions about Chiropractic, Dr. Galster, Lifesource Chiropractic or would like to have your pain assessed and would like to improve overall health and wellness please call Dr. Jared Galster at Lifesource Chiropractic, 802-773-0010.

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