E-town teen receives the gift of life

Marvin said that he was in the Intensive Care Unit when his son first woke up after the surgery, and was surprised by the first thing he heard.

"Brock said, 'Do they have the heart put in yet,'" said Marvin. "I told him that it was and that the surgery was over."

Marvin said Brock was also trying to get used to a new reality, one without a defibrillator attached to his heart.

"We were moving him in the bed and he started shaking," said Marvin. "I asked him what was wrong and he said that he did not want the defibrillator to go off again. I looked over at the monitors and told him that his heart rate was at 80 and he didn't even have a defibrillator in him any more. Even though his heart is in, his brain hasn't figured it all out yet."

Marvin said as of Tuesday, Dec. 14, Brock was expected to remain in ICU for two more days and eventually would be able to leave the hospital.

"We will get an apartment here for about six weeks so they can continue to monitor him and make sure that the heart is not being rejected," said Marvin. "At around eight weeks, if all goes well, he should get the green light to come home and would only have to go down once a week for testing."

Marvin said while they had been waiting for the transplant, they got a chance to meet almost everyone in their wing at the Boston Children's Hospital.

"You get to know all of the other families and you all get close," said Marvin. "Someone gets a heart, and everyone is so happy for that person. You know that they have received that gift and that you are that much closer to yours."

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