Schroon recognizes students

SCHROON LAKE - Schroon Lake Central School has named its first quarter honor roll. Cited were:

Grade 12

High Honors - Sarah Mahler, Ashley Subra, Lance Paradis, Denae Armstrong, Elizabeth Bessey, Jocelyn Bowen, Rebecca Armstrong, Jeremy Tyrrell

Honors - Chris Veverka, Cassidy Christian, Caleb Bauer

Grade 11

High Honors - Brandi Busick, Matthew Filler, William Lowe, Matthew Savarie, Jonathan Lough, Matthew Goodrow, Melanie Philp, Amelia Botterbusch, Tiffany Messing, Uriah Harvey, Sarah Desrosier

Honors - Katelyn Rose, Ian Williams, Jessica Grey, Anthony Devita, Michael Murdock, Darren Tyrrell, Austin Pastore, Rebecca Pecor

Grade 10

High Honors - Daniel Maisonville, Clare Whitney, Nathan Wilson, Mitchell Beers, Lucas Wilson, Gabrielle Harvey

Honors - Jonathan Kowalka, Chloe McKenna, Miranda DeZalia, James Bowen IV, Holly Bruce, Joseph DeZalia, Brianna DeZalia, Danielle Barror

Grade 9

High Honors - Justin Lough, Abigail Wisser, Ian Lowe, Caleb Maisonville, Sam Foote, Desiree Lanoue, Rhiannon Hoffman

Honors - Alexis Subra, Robert Rose, Maxwell Gardner, Sarah Jarrell, Grant Thatcher, Abigail Veverka

Grade 8

High Honors - Joseph Maisonville, Tanner Stone, Abigail Welch, Joelle Kowalka, Molly Wisser

Honors - Morgan Thatcher, Brooke Wheeler, Moriah Armstrong

Grade 7

High Honors - Julia Bouchard, Joseph Foote, Natalia Stout, Katie Botterbusch, Austin Armstrong

Honors - Angelina Stellabotte-Allen, Kaycee Bauer, Lindsay Palmer, Dejanira Plumstead

Grade 6

High Honors - Shawna Fiore, Branden Hall, Ashlyn Lough, Tiffany Nolan, Cheyenne Parker

Honors - Alexis DeZalia, Jonathan Jung, McKayla Vanderwalker

Grade 5

High Honors - Alora Bearor, Abigail Belrose, Jordan DeZalia, Aaron Jaros, Megan Wilson, Ben Wisser

Honors - Samantha Grey, Mickael Stout, Shannon Thatcher

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