Turning Back the Pages

•100 Years Ago - December, 1910•

Magic cure-all touted

Winter is a season of trouble. The frostbitten toes and fingers, chapped hands and lips, chilblains, cold sores and red and rough skins prove this. Bucklen's Arnica Salva, which can be bought at B.F. Hammond's drug store in Warrensburgh for 25 cents, can help cure all this as well as burns, boils, piles, cuts, sores, eczema and sprains.

Tobacco intoxicated the unruly man

A man was arrested and taken to jail recently as he had acted in a very violent and disorderly manner at a local public area. He had quarreled with a cabman to such an extent that police took him into custody believing that he had been drinking alcohol, which proved not to be true. The doctor who examined him reported that he had chewed tobacco to such an extent that it had intoxicated him.

Horror for innocent female workers

The big news story sweeping the northeast U.S. is coming from Newark, New Jersey. A girl in a factory there held a can of gasoline too near a lighted gas jet. In the fire which resulted, at least 24 girls were killed and there could be many more as the bodies of all of them have not yet been recovered. Twenty-three other girls were gravely injured.

Inadequate fire escapes, plus narrow winding wooden stairways rotted and dried with age as the only means of exit, and blind, wild, unreasoning panic forced by a rush of smoke and flame through the floorings and walls, soaked for years with oil drippings, sums up the story of the horrible fire in the factory occupied by a large underwear and box-making concern.

Five minutes after the fire was discovered the fourth floor girls were diving through the thick smoke to the sidewalk in groups. As many as six at a time, holding hands, they plummeted to the earth as firemen struggled to catch some of them in their nets. An estimated 57 young women took the leap fifty-two feet to the ground and 16 were killed by jumping. Eight dead girls were later found in the ruins and fifteen more, presumed dead, are missing. Many more are dying in the hospital.

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