Sure hope you don't have a sweet tooth!

What's this I hear about our attorney general suggesting a tax on sugary drinks? Well, sugary drinks that he chooses to tax, not sugary drinks in general. He said even his morning drink of choice, orange juice, has sugar in it "but it's natural sugar," he said, so it's an okay drink to drink. No tax will go on it.

Hmm, I'm not a doctor, but I'm guessing sugar is sugar as it relates to causing weight gain and diabetes. I'm not educated and I'm not sure, but, I'm guessing my doc checks my blood and finds it too sugary, he's going to ask me what I eat and drink, and if I tell him I normally drink three or four large glasses of orange juice each morning with the "natural" sugar in it, I'm saying my doc will start, and suggest I might back off to a single small glass a day. Again, I didn't study this stuff, I'm just thinking you can get both fat and diabetes from eating too many oranges, as well as you can from drinking too much soda. But here, I cannot overstate enough that I might be wrong.

One cent tax per one ounce on certain soda, sweetened iced tea, sports drinks, energy drinks, and flavored waters, to dissuade fat poor, and or fat rich people (the attorney general was clear in stating some rich people are fat too - he didn't use all those exact words of course), and folks with diabetes, from buying sodas; yeah, basically that's the deal as I understood it from what I heard on the talk radio program.

He said (he may not have meant some of what I'm retelling, I'm just retelling it filtered through how I understood the information as he gave it) education is key to getting folks to drink less sugary liquid. We drink too much soda, he says, because we're not smart enough to realize it's unhealthy for us. That's a tricky one for my little brain to understand. You gather twenty folks, rich, poor, fat, skinny, bald, republican, democrat, tea partier, a varied lot, into a room, have someone hold up a glass of water in one hand, a glass of soda in the other, and ask which one is healthy and which one isn't, and I wager they all, everyone of them, picks water as healthy and soda as not. But that's just me, again, I may be way, way off on my figuring there.

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