Walking through the moth-infested forest

As I walked into the woods early last week, a heavy frost highlighted the intricate network of spiderwebs crisscrossing the forest floor. They had the appearance of a million, mini-laser beams guarding the woodland scene.

In the morning's light, their webs seemed to be connecting every bush, tree and fern in the woods. Obviously, the spiders had been busy.

As I took my usual morning watch, I caught a flicker of something white, out of the corner of my eye. Was it a whitetail?

My heart rate went up, but I remained calm. I was being careful not to startle a deer with the quick turn of my head, and I moved slowly to see what was there.

I saw no white, no movement, no whitetails, nothing but the woods. Again, I focused my attention on the edge of the swamp directly in front of my watch.

It was only a few minutes when the movement of something in the distance again captured my attention. I strained my eyes to see what it was, as I slowly raised my rifle.

Viewing through the 5X scope, I discovered what appeared to be a rabble of butterflies gathered on a large rock, located just at the edge of the swamp.

In my mind, I laughed at nature's trick, where the flight of white can be mistaken for the flick of a tail.

By the time the sun was up, the nearby woods came alive with them. They were little, white and grey or brown in color. And, they weren't butterflies - they were moths.

I was surprised to see them in the air, since it was such a cold morning and so late in the season. I also wondered how many other hunters had been fooled by the moth's endless forest flickers. They certainly caught my eye!

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