The irony in Pocock

The saga of the Lathrop family's plan for gravel extraction continues while a much larger cloud umbrellas Bristol village without any serious uproar or complaints by affected neighbors.

It has been reported that the District 9 Environmental Commission has denied the Act 250 permit which would have granted the Lathrops their right to proceed with gravel extraction plans. But hold it-it was not the District 9 Commission denying the act 250 permit, it was actually the "District 1 Environmental commission". Almost shadows the politics surrounding much larger, and far more hazardous environmental floods and spills in our country, doesn't it?

We live on Route 116 in South Bristol and our home is directly across the highway from the Rathbun gravel extraction operation.

We have lived here for over 40 years and have especially enjoyed the quiet country atmosphere. Even though we are very close to the gravel operations we cannot pinpoint any time that the noise of blasting or rock crushing has affected our "public health, safety, or general welfare". Our lives have not been adversely impacted by any detrimental visual impact, odors or noise.

We have never encountered problems entering or exiting our drive due to gravel truck traffic.

Now, on to the nitty-gritty of the irony in Pocock-

Being retired I have the pleasure of spending a lot of time with my wonderful grandchildren and taking them to the beach and playgrounds, etc.

Last week, we decided to drive up to the Bristol park so the children could swing and run off some energy (every grandparent knows that expending energy is a great relaxant for both the children and ourselves). So, we arrive at the park for recreation and relaxation and peace and quiet was nowhere to be found. The dirt, dust and grime and the noise from the ground sewer construction was just terrible! I guess the environmental commission must have approved this project, too. However, if they did, they failed to reject it on the basis that it would be; "A detriment to public health, a concern for neighborhood safety, and a general welfare hazard to the immediate public."

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