Jon Fairchild settling in at Chazy Central

"For me the biggest challenge is learning the superintendent's role," he admitted. "It's different from what I've done in the past. My experience at St. John's gave me a taste for some of that. The budget and the finances. It's a full day."

Other transitions Fairchild is making is determining what the school can do a better job at.

"Fortunate thing is we do a pretty good job across the board," he said. "We do have a couple of things we're starting to look at, but the big thing right now is going to be, as every school in the state is doing with the new regulations for evaluating teachers."

Fairchild said that goal will probably be one of the main challenges he'll face during the school year, although he's also looking at taking on another challenge.

"I'd like to see ways that we can improve our graduation rate," he said. "Again, it's a state-wide initiative, and unfortunately with a small group of kids, it doesn't take too many kids to not make it to drag the rate down."

"I'd also like to see ways that we can fine-tune and challenge the upper-end kids more than they are," Fairchild added. "It's always hard to find ways and have enough kids that need a particular program."

Overall, Fairchild is happy with the way the school year has developed so far.

"It's been a really nice start to the school year," he said. "The staff, the community, the board of education, everyone is really headed in the same direction. It's a nice group to work with. Like any other school, we have issues we have to deal with, but most of ours are not critical issues, they're just things to just keep doing what we do, better."

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