Turning Back the Pages 8-28-10

Joke played on touring motorists

The Munsey Historic Tourists passed through Warrensburgh, Aug. 23, 1910, in 38 cars, 28 of which were contesting machines and ten official, on their way to Saratoga. The plans of several of the autoists were somewhat changed in town as they were led across the Judd Bridge and up on to Harrington Hill a ways by frolicsome boys marking the route as the course to pursue.

The tourists started their 1,550 trek on Aug. 16, 1910 and will finish in Washington, D.C.

Indian bones found at Lake George

A relic of pre-Revolutionary days was found Aug. 27, 1910, when workmen who were engaged in highway construction on Canada St., near Fort William Henry Park, unearthed the bones of a human skeleton.

The remains included the skull, a hip bone, a large bone of the leg and several smaller bones which crumbled to dust when exposed to the air. The formation of the skull with its high cheek bones, led those who saw the skeleton to declare that the remains were that of an Indian.

Drunken man goes on rampage

Crazed with drink and revolver in hand, an unknown man ran amuck, Sept. 1, 1910 in the upper South St. area of Glens Falls. He attacked two girls in different sections and beat one into insensibility with the butt of his revolver.

The two girls were Lillian Sherman, 14, and Layola Fitzgerald, 20, and the former was beaten so badly about the head that she was taken to the Glens Falls Hospital where she is expected to hopefully recover. The police were notified and members of the night force were routed out but they have not found any trace of the culprit.

Cow enjoys fine feast

A horrid cow with an omnivorous appetite enjoyed a fine feast in the grove at Bond's Pond (Echo Lake) Aug. 28, 1910 at the expense of three pretty maidens.

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