Market stalls to bring life to Bridge Street

PLATTSBURGH - Since two furniture stores have taken up space at 84 Margaret St. since the closing of Zachary's Pizza, space on Bridge Street has been noticeably vacant.

According to John Clute, corporate council for the city of Plattsburgh, three spaces were created on Bridge Street with the expectation they would be used as a dining area for whatever restaurant took up residence at the current Ashley Furniture Store. "That of course changed and they ended up sitting essentially unused for several years," Clute said.

Six months ago, Clute and City Mayor Donald M. Kazprzak were discussing the street life in downtown Plattsburgh and an idea was formed.

"We decided to just try to put together a rather simple program to make these spaces available to artists and artisans that just want to use them for free without any insurance costs or anything like that," he said.

Market stalls, as they are being called, will allow people to utilize the space free of charge on a daily basis, or for $35 to reserve a space for a week.

"It's pretty much first come first serve kind of thing," Clute explained. "If it ever develops or grows we figure there's plenty of space for everybody that might show up."

Clute said the spaces are large enough so some people may be able to share a stall.

"For people who are just selling earrings or small items of pottery or stuff like that, those spaces are probably big enough so each one would accommodate two vendors," he said. "We have three spaces. Six people could conceivably, comfortably fit down there."

The spaces are ideal as they were constructed in a way to keep sidewalks open.

"The way they were built ... it helps us avoid the kind of problem that you often do with sidewalk vendors," Clute explained. "People tend to encroach out onto the sidewalk and make it difficult for folks that are handicapped, or [other people] to get by."

If interested in utilizing one of the market stalls or for more information, visit www.lakecityldc.com and click Market Stalls. No insurance or vendor license is required.

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