How the 'Biggest Loser' mentality can undermine your health

Combine this with marketing and word-of-mouth advertising promoting various weight loss products, appetite suppressants and diets. Many are all natural or herbal, a few are FDA approved. Anyone who has followed the history of these products can see a sad pattern. Look at ephedrine and ma hung, it was in everything, it took years to get it off the market and now products that act like it are still in diet products. And people still buy them. Lose a few pounds feel all kinds of energy, step up activity levels; all or nothing. The biggest loser and so on. Weight is lost. All is well for 2 or maybe even 3 months then it all comes falling down. A plateau, followed by weight gain, combined with a true lack of energy, perhaps depression. Eat less, exercise more and get healthy? Sounds like common sense but actually while this can show some temporary results; in the long run it can lead to a lifetime of health issues. Added exercise calls for added eating of quality foods. The average trend follower will start to live on fruit, yogurt, and salad; Atkins, South Beach, Nutrisystem & Jenny all produce temporary short lived results. Participants lose lots of weight initially and then either get hurt, sick or hit a plateau or all of those! So it's over for another year, "ya know that old fat gene or whatever." Then again another year, another diet, another fad," just do it, go for it, rah, rah, it's fun!" How does this hurt you? After all you're getting healthy right? Well each time bone density goes down, body fat increases and health declines. The gap seems to be widening between those who can get healthy and those who just keep following the latest trends as another generation is born who will have a shorter lifespan than their parents. More opportunities for exercise are available than ever before yet health & fitness seems impossible without a complete overhaul of today's fitness concepts. This is discouraging!

With our societies focus on weight loss as being the guideline for health & fitness comes a HUGE conflict between diet, exercise and TRUE health & fitness. People flock to the latest fad looking for the answer. We're deluged with infomercials, ads, and documentaries promoting extreme exercise, starvation diets & gastric surgeries as successful options for health and fitness. Without a true healthy eating program and common sense exercise; the all or nothing mentality will lead to orthopedic injury, weight gain and further disappointments. And so goes the diet roller coaster.

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