How the 'Biggest Loser' mentality can undermine your health

This is the time of year that I feel discouraged. Discouraged about the state of health & fitness and the majority of public perceptions about this. I've come to realize that these feelings hit me hard every year at this time .... it's my "January slump" except it's a summer slump. Most people experience this slump in the winter; less sun, less activity, looking forward to months of cold weather....it's enough to make anyone be down in the dumps. So what brings me down now? I think it's the let down, in March everyone is working on the latest diet or fitness fad. People who don't walk are beginning running programs, people with knee, back and neck issues sign up for cardio classes in droves. Everyone is doing it. It's fun, it brings old friends and family together. If 30 minutes of exercise is good then surely 2 hours is better! So what could be bad about that? After all it improves health. Or does it? Will that individual be turned against exercise forever? To me that individual who wins the "Biggest Loser" is really the biggest loser now set up for a lifetime of failure. But the public eats it up.

On Losing it with Jillian the father who had to give up his business due to health issues sits there and brags about 10 years of football and learning lots of "life lessons" from that. So here he is at 40 something a complete mess, a serious health risk. Why....because he held on to the diet and exercise concepts he had at 18 years old. He never did learn or grow. Now he's in the clutches of Jillian and will have a big weight loss and feel better but (and I guarantee this) within a year he'll be worse off having gained even more weight and now thinks that fitness and health involves extreme exercise and a starvation diet and may be turned away from ever trying again. Many think that surgery is their only option since they think they've tried everything and it didn't work. That is how the "Biggest Loser" or the "all or nothing" mentality hurts you.

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