Village development moratorium left to expire

• Discussed a proposal to build a landscaped median down the middle of state Route 9 at both the north and south ends of the village. Blais said many local residents want to see the green medians extend into the village to Mohican Street on the south side, and to the high school on the North side. Board members said they like the beautification concept, as long as vital parking spaces aren't sacrificed. The town is applying for grant money and is working on the initiative with the state Department of Transportation.

• Decided to advertise for a new chief operator for the village sewer plant. Reggie Burlingame is retiring, and George Knowles, who was selected as his replacement, is working part-time and can't devote enough hours to become a certified plant engineer, Blais said, noting that Knowles is also due to retire soon.

• Announced that a plan to re-construct Beach Road and reconfigure the intersection at Canada Street into a pocket park will be presented to the public at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 19, at the village hall.

• Voiced concerns about "paper snaps," or tissue-wrapped pellets of gunpowder children have been buying and throwing on the village sidewalks to make a sharp noise. The debris from the items is quite difficult to clean up, board members said, and Blais suggested asking merchants to voluntarily cease selling them.

• Praised village Clerk-Treasurer Darlene Gunther for her arduous work preparing the village annual report. Mayor Blais also praised her for her financial management, noting that the village's reserve funds had grown this year while the tax rate remained stable.

"The village continues to be in excellent financial condition," Blais said, praising Gunther for her expertise.

• Heard from Blais that the village's Thursday night fireworks shows are attracting record crowds, and the mayor has applied to the county bed-tax committee for a $25,000 subsidy for the aerial displays, because they draw visitors from a wide region.

• Praised Public Works Superintendent Dave Harrington and his employees for keeping the town tidy and the infrastructure in good shape. Blais read a letter from a tourist citing how well the village was maintained.

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