The dog days of summer are often the same time many puppies and kittens are reaching the age of adoptability. Here at the NCSPCA, we have a large number of kittens who need homes. But before you adopt, it's important to keep in mind the same adorable little bundle of fur who won over your heart as a baby, will eventually be a grown cat or dog who will likely be a companion for well over 10 years. Even a small animal such as a rabbit or guinea pig is a commitment of potentially several years. It's important to give adoption a serious thought before you add that new family member; to bring home a new pet is a serious decision that must not be made impulsively. There is nothing quite as sad as a dog, cat, or small animal who does not receive any attention because their owner has moved onto something else. If you are bringing home a pet for your child, be sure to have a backup plan if your child loses interest in his/her pet.

Our featured pet this week is definitely looking for a forever home where he can get plenty of attention. Grant is a midnight-hued, Domestic Shorthair-mix who had very little human contact before he arrived at the shelter. Initially, he did not trust anyone but he has gradually grown to enjoy a scratch behind his ear or a gentle petting. Grant's golden eyes light up when you talk to him and he enjoys being a part of the activity. If you are seeking a loving cat who is trainable, Grant is the cat for you.

You can see all of our many adoptable cats and dogs on Petfinder through the link on our site, www.ncscpa.org. At this time, we have over 50 cats and 18 dogs who are seeking forever homes.

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