Geese go away, and don't come back another day

Finally, after several years of struggling with the problem, the village has installed a simple strip of orange surveyor's tape along the entire shoreline. The tape is strung between survey stakes, about a foot off the ground, and the previously mowed lawn is now left to grow about a foot high, in a small strip along the shoreline.

Following the installation of the tape, and the tall grass that grew up along the shoreline in just a few weeks, the boat launch and adjacent town park appears to be amazingly clear of goose poop.

The grassy strip has become a proverbial 'line in the sand.' The geese simply won't cross it. There are many other communities across the Adirondacks that may want to consider similar efforts. The cost is minimal and the public relations benefits are considerable with no trapping, no relocation and no shooting necessary to ensure that there is no goose poop underfoot.

A New Season Begins

Although I am still stuck in the throes of a very productive fishing season, I've recently been getting an itch for the hunt. Two weeks ago, I went into hunting camp with a few friends, to buck up some firewood and take care of a few other items necessary for the upcoming season.

While we got a lot of work done, the day ended early when the handle of the splitting maul broke, much to everyone's relief. Our small cabin was relatively free of mice, and other pests, but it was nearly hidden by a huge field of overgrown ferns and berry bushes.

In the past few weeks, I have put in several afternoons on the range, sharpening my skills with both bow and rifle. During this timeframe, I have also found a cool tint in the morning air. It's probably just wishful thinking, but it is a tint just the same and it signals adventures to be had in the months to come.

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