Inspiring internship

I nervously walked into the Westelcom building in downtown Plattsburgh not knowing it would one day change my life.

I, James King of Port Henry, was able to work with Denton Publications as an intern through Upward Bound, a college preparation program. Working in the office in Plattsburgh, I worked with senior editor Jeremiah S. Papineau, editor Sarah L. Cronk, and intern Katherine Clark to better my writing skills and broaden my journalism horizon.

During my time with Denton Publications, I learned many new things and improved my journalistic skills. I was exposed to the Associated Press writing style, shown several ways to create a headline, and formulate a catchy lead. These skills have already and will continue to help me as a writer.

Not only was I taught journalism lessons, but life lessons as well. Gail Herman, an account executive with the company, not only taught me the basics of journalism, but also helped me adjust on the first day. Because of this, I am more able to socially adjust to new situations. She also helped me clean the office while the editors were in Elizabethtown, teaching me organizational skills I can use in all aspects of life.

Interning at Denton Publications really changed my life. It helped further my passion for writing, even if it can be challenging sometimes. All four of the people I have worked with over the past five weeks, which spanned from July 6 until Aug. 5, have inspired me to further pursue a career in journalism. I could not thank them enough for the opportunity to further develop my skills as a journalist and more importantly a writer.

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