Turning Back the Pages 8-7-10

Damage from the tempest

The severe storm occurring Aug. 4, 1910 burned out coils in the Warrensburgh Electric Light Plant. Lamps and candles were in demand for several nights in consequence and the lights came back on Sunday evening in Warrensburgh. Hailstones almost completely destroyed crops on some farms on the outskirts of town, Bolts of lightning played havoc in the area.

Emerson Lloyd's house in Bolton Landing was badly damaged by lightning. Plaster was torn from the walls, a considerable amount of furniture was smashed and a couch was set afire. The house of Elijah Pratt, up the river was struck by lightning.

At the Sagamore Hotel, several large trees on the hotel grounds were blown down and the tanbark that covers all the walks about the hotel were washed away.

Lightning struck John Bibby's house at North Creek and Mrs. Bibby sustained a severe shock. A door casing was splintered and the telephone was burned out. The barns at the William Waddell farm in Wevertown were struck and nearly all the contents were destroyed. The loss was about $8,000 and there was no insurance.

Griffing family reunion

As has been his custom for several seasons, Henry Griffing again this year is entertaining, his nearest of kin, the descendants of Nathaniel and Susan Boyd Griffing, at the old homestead near Thurman station.

Griffing spends as much time as possible with his kin at his childhood home and the memory of early scenes has greatly endeared the place to him over the passing years.

(Note: Stephen and Elizabeth Uhl Griffing settled in Thurman in 1800 and they had ten children, one of which was Nathaniel Griffing. Stephen fought in the Revolutionary War for five years. Their grandson, Stephen II, married Maria Coman in 1838 and they ran the Adiorondack Hotel where Rite Aid is now for eight and a half years before Stephen became active in the lumber business. Their home was where Grace's Restaurant is now located in the heart of Warrensburgh. Grace Magee was Stephen's granddaughter.)

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