Sheriff's department receives $424k to enhance border security

Stonegarden has solidified a partnership with the U.S. Border Patrol and members of the sheriff's department, said Favro, allowing law enforcement officials to cover more ground along the northern border and interrupt and possibly prevent any attempts at illegal smuggling and terrorism.

"This program, for what has been invested in it in the North Country, has provided more than just securing the borders," said Favro. "It has built and enhanced a law enforcement partnership that is second to none other in the country."

"The various local counties here in upstate New York have done and continue to do a great job of working with the United State Border Patrol to secure funding through this grant," added Norm Lague, agent-in-charge with the U.S. Border Patrol's Champlain station. "We look forward to working with the agencies through this grant in applying a unified law enforcement approach to border security.

Regardless of funding, the eternal vigilance of the community is still the most important thing in helping keep our county and the nation safe, said Favro.

"We really do need and implore the use of our local resources and people if they see anything suspicions - vehicles that don't seem to fit in, individuals cutting through fields, any information - please notify your local law enforcement agency right away and report that to us so we can investigate," said Favro. "The eyes and the ears of the people are our most valuable tool and we really need to utilize them to our maximum capacity."

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