Music not that complicated, really

Watch your children and their friends or the kid next door; they know how to enjoy music at the most authentic level. You will see them in the car moving and singing to a song or dancing with a friend on their lawn, their faces full of emotion. Ride in a car somewhere with them and they will sing parts of the song and tell you what the artist was saying and, most of all, you will soak in some of that honest, unadulterated life energy that youth have to share.

If you are over the age of thirty, when is the last time you were riding in a car with a colleague, spouse or other adult and they started rocking to a song and then told you what the words meant to them and you could feel their passion from across the seat? Remember, all kids count.

Scot Hurlburt can be reached by e-mail at hurlburt@wildblue.net

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