State to blame for stormwater overload of sewer plant, town says

In March, the Town had imposed a six-month moratorium on all new sewer hookups in March.

Tuesday, McCoy said town officials see no reason at this point to extend the moratorium. These pipes appear to have been put in when a swamp was filled in to create Battlefield Park.

McCoy said that once the State unhooks their pipes much of the infiltration should cease.

"Our pipes were in great shape, McCoy said. "We cut out a few roots but found no major breaks and not as many sump pumps as we had expected - We will begin to deal with them immediately."

McCoy said he has enlisted the help of Dave Wick of Warren County Soil and Water District and Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky to assist homeowners in finding alternative ways to dispose of water in their basements.

Under a proposed new sewer contract with the Village, residents of the Caldwell Sewer District will be charged through their property taxes for the aggregate gallonage theypump into the treatment plant.

McCoy added it is in the best interest of all to pump as few gallons as possible to both keep town residents' taxess down, and to assure appropriate capacity for sewage treatment.

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