The Outlook On Local History

Phyllis Hawthorne pumps gas into the pocket of Marjorie Kalanges at the Perkinsville Store in 1945. The girls were juniors in high school. Phyllis lived for many years in Michigan and Tennessee. Marjorie Kalanges Cook still lives close to Perkinsville.

Marjorie wrote about her childhood in Weathersfield Tales 3. Here is an excerpt from one:

The Scudders in the village had a small light-colored goat they kept hitched to a post near the church. He was a mild-mannered goat that was anxious to chew on everything.

One time he came over to where we kids were playing outdoors when we were in Bible School. The teachers must have been inside briefly because the goat chewed the clothing of several children. He grabbed the hem of my dress and started chewing and chewing and chewing until it was wet all the way around the bottom. I didn't move an inch. I was only seven, and this was my first meeting with a goat in all my life. ...

Our neighbors the Shattucks had a goose that would chase you off their property. He used to come to our place, stand on a snowbank, and knock on the window. He would slobber and drizzle all over the window. My mother was less than five feet tall. She was powerful, but she didn't want to go out after that goose that was almost as tall as she was. We weren't too keen on that goose.

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