Life choices for young and old

Life choices present a variety of options and decisions. What to do or not what to do? What makes wise choices?

Some refer to choices as mistakes and the difference between right and wrong. In any event whether we make a right or left turn, our destiny is chosen.

If things go awry, we often wonder, what if? We wonder if our destiny could have been different; and if so, could we change things to the way it could have been?

Some of us either learn or repeat the choices again. We need to learn from our own choices even though others have forewarned us.

No matter what, we must take responsibility for our choices in all circumstances. There is no going back, so forget the "pity party" and make the best of the choices. Otherwise, living in the past rather than the now seems to be trend.

It is possible to retrain our brains to think differently. We need to forget the negativity of certain choices and turn them into positive thoughts that could lead to better acceptance and healthier existences and relationships.

Choices-what is right and what is wrong? It all depends on the outcome. Choosing to do wrong, i.e., as breaking the rules or justifying an act against a contract, we may seem justified and feel that we cannot be caught.

Justification seems to be the root of the issue-feeling justified in doing wrongful acts eventually wreaks havoc with things catching up and leading to misfortune and troubles beyond belief.

Peer pressure seems to emphasize choices, especially during the adolescent years, which presents obstacles. If we do not do what the peer group wants to do, we may be bullied, ridiculed, and possibly threatened to have no friends any longer.

What would it be like without friends? How do we cope without prior friends? Some of us get quite depressed to the point of suicide, and yet others move on and do without friends.

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