Question of the month:

I can make flowers for the earth.

Alexander Thomas - Kindergarten - Johnsburg Central School

I can rake my yard.

Cassie Dunbar - Kindergarten - Johnsburg Central School

I would go outside with gloves and pick up litter.

Zachary Phelps - Grade 1 - Newcomb Central School

To help the earth I would pick up the garbage and grow a flower to help make the earth nice and clean.

Jamie Sabattis - Grade 1 - Johnsburg Central School

If you want to get to a house that is close to your house, just walk and recycle.

Carley LaRose - Grade 2 - Newcomb Central School

I can help the earth by cleaning it. Don't be a litter bug. If you don't clean the earth it will die.

Anthony Galle - Grade 2 - Johnsburg Central School

I can conserve rain water and turn off the faucet when I'm not using it.

Alyssa Comeau - Grade 3 - Newcomb Central School

I can help the earth by going green. I can pick up garbage to save the ozone layer, plant trees and grow vined fruit to give us more oxygen, and turn out my light for one minute to save electricity.

Kevin - Grade 3 - Johnsburg Central School

We did a town trash clean-up last year. If we did that again I think that could help the earth and our town.

Jordan Bush - Grade 5 - Newcomb Central School

REMINDER: Earth Day celebrated its 40th Anniversary on April 22.

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