Musings 4/17

At the beginning of each new season I think it is my favorite time of the year. In Fall, when the leaves turn yellow, orange and red, I say that the Adirondacks couldn't look more beautiful. Then the leaves fall to the ground and we are left with a brown, barren landscape - until the first snowfall.

Winter's appearance changes the view from my kitchen window from brown to pristine white. And when a wet, heavy snow coats the empty tree branches, and the sun glistens on the freshly fallen blanket of snow, I decide that Winter is the most beautiful season. After several months, what's left of the snow along the roadside has turned gray/black. I long for the sun to melt it and the ice in Mill Creek. I want to hear the sound of the creek running freely once more. About the time when the storm windows give way to screens, the grass begins to green up and different birds visit the feeders, this fickle soul falls in love with spring.

What is so great about this season is that it gets better with every passing day. First, a few tentative snow drops rear their heads in the garden. They are soon followed by wild hyacinths and now daffodils are blooming. The trees begin to leaf. There is just one big old maple left out front. I'm hopefully watching for its first leaves to appear. We have a gnarled old apple tree with holes in its trunk, but it is sporting a new batch of green leaves and may even give us fragrant white blossoms again this year. The lilac bushes promise a week of lavender beauty in May.

There is something very nice about knowing what plants inhabit our garden and watching for their reappearance year after year. Like old friends who have come to call, I welcome them each Spring - the best time of the year. I think this new love affair will last (at least until the first day of summer).

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