Turning Back The Pages 4-17-10

(Note: The famous old Halfway House, run for many years by proprietor George Brown, was on the west side of route 9 in today's Million Dollar Half Mile, directly facing the entrance to the Fort Ann road. There is a shoe store located there now. The Warren County fairgrounds stood just south of it until 1869 when the fairgrounds were relocated.

Mrs. Henry Bertrand was a college-educated pharmacist who lived on Elm St. Her husband, Henry Bertrand and her father, George Dickinson ran the local drug store here for many years. The first time I met "Duke" Bertrand, many years ago, he kissed my hand, old world style. He was a gallant gentleman.)

Murder trials and suicides

The trial of George Hoogbone, of Saratoga, accused of murdering Irving Smith of that village last December, 1909, was begun in the court house at Ballston on April 11, 1910. A plea of self-defense will be made by Hoogbone although this may be changed to a plea of insanity.

In another matter, Mrs. Sarah Palmer, 58, of Fort Ann, committed suicide on Monday, April 11, 1910 by drowning herself in a well in the town of Kingsbury where she had been employed by A.K. Cross Jr., as a domestic. The woman has acted in an unusual manner recently and it is surmised that she was insane. One son, William Palmer survives.

Lake George centennial approaching

The town of Caldwell and the Presbyterian Church of Lake George are making elaborate arrangements for the joint centennial celebration to be held at Lake George this summer. The celebration will be on a gigantic scale to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Caldwell and the First Presbyterian Church and will be observed in a manner fitting to the success that both have enjoyed in their century of their existence.

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