Turning Back The Pages 4-17-10

The sweet smell of spring

Spring has come, sure, pop! Ten inmates of the Warren County home, who spent the winter there, left for parts unknown as soon as the warm weather arrived.

Three inches of snow fell Friday, April 8, 1909, but it was soon gone. Halley's Comet can now be seen before sunrise. (Note...the most famous of all comets, it was named for Edmund Halley. Last seen in 1986, it will return in 2062.)

Buicks collide, tempers flare

Two Buick automobiles had quite a thrilling collision at French Mountain on Sunday afternoon, April 24, 1910. The smaller machine, driven by its owner, George W. Dickinson of Warrensburgh, was run into by a large Buick owned and operated by a Mr. Spratt, of Saratoga Springs.

The Dickinsons and their daughter, Mrs. Henry Bertrand, were coming home from Glens Falls at a 15-mile-per-hour clip. As they approached the Halfway House the Spratt auto had just caught its first speed as it came out from a string of machines lined up on the north side of the hotel. But instead of making a short turn down the road, Mr. Spratt was carelessly engaged in handling his levers and ran diagonally across the highway and dashed into the local auto which Mr. Dickinson had driven to the farther side of the road.

The collision of the machines was inevitable. Mrs. Bertrand, in the excitement, struck her chest against the machine and suffered a slight nervous shock. She was brought home by Bertram E. Murray who just chanced to be at the Halfway House with his auto. Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson came up to Warrensburgh on the trolley. As the steering gear of their machine had been sprung and the mud guards smashed, the car was sent to Glens Falls for repairs. The steering knuckle of the Saratoga machine was also sprung, but was fixed on the spot and Mr. Spratt drove homeward.

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