Students having fun on the air with WBRV

MORRISONVILLE - When news happens, WBRV is there.

Morrisonville Elementary School students have been bringing news of the school and the community to their peers since 2007. The program is something first introduced by principal Bradley W. Ott, who said he got the idea when visiting his grandchildren in Maryland and witnessed how their school had an already-established school news station.

Ott said he brought the idea back to his fellow staff members and the school district's board of education, and with their approval, WBRV -a closed-circuit student news program - was born.

"We started small with one news show a month," said Ott. "The first one was part of an assembly."

However, the program - which is run by fifth grade students - grew with much credit to the Morrisonville Elementary Family-School Organization, said Ott. The FSO donated flat screen televisions for each of the classrooms to view what has since become a daily morning show.

Ott also credited faculty members like fourth grade teacher Keith Parotte - who volunteered several hours installing wiring for the televisions - and other teachers like Jerry Girard, who work with the students on a regular basis.

Girard said he just likes being involved with an initiative that gets kids actively involved in their school.

"It's just another way for them to take ownership of the school," said Girard. "This is their school and these are their events. They're sharing them with each other. This gives them a connection with what's going on in school and outside."

Whether it's through reporting, writing, operating a teleprompter or various other duties WBRV involves, Girard said the news program gives kids a chance to take on new challenges.

Jonathan Hebert, who serves as a reporter for WBRV, said he likes to bring students answers to questions they have when a speaker comes to the school, for example.

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