Political jokes

Lots of folks ask me if I like making jokes about politics. I don't, simply because my mine doesn't flow toward that realm. Recently though I've written something, not so much about politics, but about a political figure.

What follows is the joke that I've performed now a half dozen times. It's working like a charm. I thought I'd type it down hard and see if it translated to the page as funny. Well, I'm not sure it does. I am sure though that pace and timing is key when performing comedy. I'm also sure saying certain words on stage feels less, ah, let me see, less like someone will take offense, then if the same words are written. Below, I've felt I had to change a few key words for them to pass the printable test. Funny that when folks hear certain words they're fine with them, but reading the same words can rile them. What's written either carries more weight, or, I'm a guy who can color words better when I say them, then when I write them. Probably none of this is making sense. Maybe if you go back and read it to yourself aloud it will.

So read and see if you think it's funny at all, and if you don't, someday maybe you'll hear me do it on stage, and if you do, I'm going to bet you'll chuckle in spite of yourself. BTW, no offense to the subjects, I'm sure they wouldn't mind. It's a joke after all-

Got a new President, Barack Obama. Won the Nobel Peace Prize. Some people wonder why.

He's trying to stop bad economy, trying to stop bad education, trying to stop bad environment, trying to stop Osama Bin Laden, trying to stop poverty, trying to stop two wars. Can't even stop smoking.

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